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Alaska Volunteer Leaders Association Vice President, Leslie Seddon
Mat-Su/Copper River 4-H District
We just watched your chicken video that was recently purchased for the Mat-Su/Copper River 4-H District Small Livestock Committee. Our kids are studying up for our first ever, Small Livestock Showmanship Showdown. The kids have classes in showmanship and judging contests as well as a myriad of other related classes.
We found your video to be an excellent educational resource for even the seasoned kids. We also found that one copy was not enough for our district so I decided to purchase a second copy of the DVD as well as a second copy of the American Poultry Standards.
Our family raises chickens and peacocks at Sunrise Creek in Wasilla, Alaska. We thank you for a job well done that covered poultry education in a wonderful and interesting format.

Dear Allison,
Many months have passed and the 4-H kids in Alaska are buckling down and studying for next year’s show season. As I said before, your chicken video was a wonderful tool for preparing for the chicken showmanship and judging. The two 4-H clubs that used that video won all three levels of the Master Showmanship awards, with our two sons winning Grand Champion Showman in the Intermediate and Senior Poultry Showmanship.

Louisiana Sulphur High School Ag Dept., Chuck Kinney
My FFA students enjoyed the video so much that we butchered 15 broilers in class after watching the entire video! We cooked them on a pit and they really enjoyed the “whole” educational experience. I would recommend this video to all Vo. Ag. Depts. that do any poultry lessons at all.

Utah 4-H Livestock Specialist Ross Jacobson
I just finished the complete video and like what I see. It is very user friendly and loaded with useful and timely information, not just for raising chickens, but being selective and preparing them for showmanship classes. Dr. Bradley was exceptional in her interest and explanations, very easy for youth and leaders to understand and follow. I will share your flyer and information sheet with each of the Extension Agents and FFA Advisors in Utah.

Alabama Extension Animal Scientist Robert Ebert
t is an excellent production!!!

Hawaii 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator Becky Settlage
Very educational. Great timing too, because I can add a short article about your DVD in my next newsletter.

Louisiana's Theresia Lavergne
Good detail on showmanship. I will send a note about your link to my 4-H and FFA advisors.

Washington Poultry Specialist Ron Kean
I did get a chance to look over your DVD. It looks great. I'll put some information out about it to our county 4-H agents, and encourage them to think about purchasing it.

Jim Adams from Kansas State
Your video is well done and would be a great resource.

John Anderson, Research Associate at Ohio State University
I have watched most of your video and I am impressed! I will put a link to your site on my website.

Dave Anderson, President, American Poultry Association
The "Beginner's Guide" is an excellent source of information.

Kingston, Rhode Island 4-H Program Associate, Heidi W.
The new chicken video is great. I will definitely recommend it as an excellent source of information for 4-H groups and anyone wanting to get started with chickens. I will be showing it to my club members next week. Thanks

Kathy B., Executive Director, Los Angeles County Farm Bureau
I wish I'd had this video before I started with chickens. I'm surprised our chickens all survived. It would be good for people in the city who want to raise chickens and have them in their backyards.

Boston, Massachusetts, Educational Specialist & Senior Textbook Editor Robin A.
It is always refreshing to see a video that teaches clearly but enjoyably. This video is recommended for both personal use and teaching situations, from Grade five to adult.

Amigo Cantisano, Organic Ag Advisors, North San Juan, CA
An outstanding production! The video clearly describes the most common challenges to backyard chicken raising. A must for anyone interested in raising chickens. I will highly recommend it on my radio show.

Tumwater, Washington, Andrew W.
We rec'd your video yesterday and I am very very happy with it. The truth is I ordered it because I had a couple of chickens to butcher and do not have a friend next door with 30 years of experience. That section was very helpfull!!
My daughter is 6, she has has 30 chickens for a year now and we are learning as we go. I just finished a second house and we added another 70 chicks. My daughter has done very well taking care of them and she processes the eggs and sells them. The $$ goes to her college fund and is growing nicely.
She has made me watch you video 4 times so is her new favorite. (although we don't watch the butchering part) Although we had not considered the showing aspect of chickens I have a feeling we will be soon.....
Thank you for putting this together and if you make any others please let me know..

Walton, New York, Homeschooler Al M.
Got the video yesterday and watched it this morning with my two younger kids. They were warned and had no problem with the slaughtering. Very well put together, no nonsense format and A LOT of info in a condensed unit!! Very much worth the money..I highly recommend it for anyone JUST starting out and having a hard time locating startup info. (As I had a hard time !!) Thanks for the good pro duct...(its been a while since I was satisfied with a purchased video--on ANY that is MY preferred method of learning something new!..they are usually NOT as good as advertised!!) Great job!.

Plevna, Kansas Monte B.
The outlaw chicken bumperstickers came two or three days after I ordered them!! Such service in today's world still has me dumfounded! THANK YOU

Royston, Georgia, Householder Kristi S.
We enjoyed the video, it covered a LOT in a very little time!
My boys watched the butchering section, even though I warned them about it. I told them they might not like to see that, and to leave the room, but they wanted to see it. They were properly horrified, and immediately said they would rather sell the extra roosters at the auction than kill any of them. LOL ... My husband used the opportunity to explain to them that that's how the chicken gets into the packages we buy at the store, etc., and way back when people did that all the time in order to eat. ... Thanks for a great video, Allison. It's really helped us.

Acton, Massachusetts, Alex P.
I got the video today and watched it. It was great!
Thanks so much!
I bought the video mostly for the part about the culling and butchering.
I have no experience with this and, even though I won't be culling often, I feel it's something that every chicken owner should be familiar with.
This part was very tastefully done and very informative.

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